WE DESIGN: COOKWARE.  American cookware brand All Clad, sought to reach out to a new and younger generation of aspiring cooks with new B3 Anodized Aluminum line of cookware.  For this launch, they enlisted emerging American design firm, Nonlinear Studio, to update their cookware to meet the visual and ergonomic needs of their more design savvy new audience, while maintaining an important balance with their iconic brand language. WE DESIGN: FURNITURE. Sparked by the common misuse of a wheel barrow as a lounge seat during break time on a work site, Nonlinear has selectively reduced the original form to highlight its most dynamic lines. The wooden slats create a tension between the feminine silhouette of the chairs seat and the hard geometry of the outer metal shell. A new structure and chair form have been found in a timeless and familiar object. Though still referencing it’s origins, the components are transformed into a clean chair with it’s own unique character. The wrap around shell makes the Barrow Chair a cozy lounge for both indoors and out. WE DESIGN: TECH ACCESSORIES.  The Amplifiear is a non-electric sound amplification device for the new iPad and the iPad 2. It simply clips on the corner of your iPad and reflects and projects the sound forward towards the user. The sound coming right from your iPad now fills a room and sounds crisper and cleaner than ever..… and you won’t need to have the volume up at maximum. With its asymmetrical position, it is reminiscent of a cartoon speach bubble and gives our device a bit of a personality. WE DESIGN: WATCHES. The Slip Watch takes a simple archetypal watch shape and puts it into motion with a slight twist. The skewed posture of the watch gives the modern clean lines a new “spin”.  The watch is intentionally minimal, with proportions that are almost predictable. However, its skewed posture that makes the watch appear to be slipping off the band, like a moment caught in time. WE DESIGN: LIGHTING. The defining beauty in people is often the characteristic that doesn’t fit the standard mold. The Slightly Awkward Desk Lamp is simple and minimal but has a posture that is peculiar, the awkward stance of the lamp with its truncated forth leg gives it life and personality, while allowing it to balance as both an ambient table lamp and a directional task lamp. WE DESIGN: SETS. Nonlinear Studio collaborated with Photographer Nisian Hughes on his “Rise and Fall” shoot for Getty Images. The series are conceptual business images using ladders to convey ideas of Discovery, Risk, Success, and the Way Forward. Nonlinear Studio Designed and fabricated 6 custom sets with vintage painting ladders and developed a unique rigging system to suspend the models without disturbing their wardrobe. Images courtesy of Nisian Hughes, Getty Images. WE DESIGN: GRAPHICS. Nonlinear Studio produced all of the graphic media to transform the NBC Experience store into a black and white paper city scape featuring local landmarks and New York locals doing everyday things. The simplistic, playful and at times childlike design created the perfect environment for NBC to explore their own branding and identity in a new light. WE DESIGN: BRAND IDENTITY. Nonlinear Studio created the Branding and Identity for  The Club House, a Pop Up up Gym in East Hampton will open exclusively during the summer and will be the first of a series of unique boutique gyms.  Despite the rigorous work outs, the feeling needs to be fun and relaxed.  The identity embodies the feel of a beachside “club house” where you would casually spend your summer afternoons.
  • B3 collection for All Clad is now available at Bed Bath and Beyond.

  • The Boardwalk Table was actioned off at the Reclaim NYC charity action which raised over 15K for Super Storm Sandy victims

  • Amplifiear is available at www.theamplifiear.com and the are going like hot cakes! get your soon, your iPad deserves it!

  • We have 2 products in the new Spring MoMA Design Store Catalog!

  • The Amplifiear got a mention in The New Yorker‘s write up on the Destination NYC project by the MoMA Design Store.

  • From Kickstarter to MoMA, Amplifiear iPad Speaker Enters The Canon Of Cool Design. See the Acticle in Forbes HERE

sub·tle /ˈsətl/ adjective: 1. So delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyze or describe 2. Delicately complex and understated.