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About the Studio

Nonlinear Studio, founded in 2010 by Evan Clabots, is a multi-disciplinary creative studio that brings together a network of collaborators from a range of industries, including industrial designers, artists, filmmakers, photographers and architects. Our breadth of experience allows us to offer brand-enhancing services in any medium, be it a product or a campaign. Our combined skill sets allow us to not only design for different sectors, but also facilitate the execution. Closing the gap between concept and reality we are able to better preserve the integrity of an idea and see it realized quicker. 



  • Product Design
  • Interior Design
  • Identity & Branding

  • Art Direction
  • Production Design
  • Strategic Planning


In this age of consumption, the time between new and old is growing shorter. We believe the things we create must not only be current, but also be timeless. At Nonlinear, we deliver tangible results but are designing ideas. We design for the question of “why?” not “what?”. In doing so, we strive to not only help our clients find solutions that fit both their company’s and their customers’ needs but to ultimately create things that exceed all expectations. Our work is always infused a personality and character that people will not soon forget.